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The Wind of Heaven tells the story of Cole Morgan, a young Marine officer who returns home from Afghanistan after experiencing the harsh realities of war. Cole's mother has high hopes that he will follow in his late father's footsteps and take charge of the family's once prosperous cattle ranch. But Cole suffers from deep emotional scars brought on by the traumas of war and can barely make it through the day without flashing back to the horrors of his experiences in the Middle East.

The VA doctors can only prescribe an endless stream of drugs to help Cole fight his inner battle. But he has seen where that path has lead other returning warriors - a path that all too often ends with suicide.

Cole then encounters a Native American veteran named Lewis Two Eagles, and together they embark on an uncertain journey to try and find the man Cole once was before his experiences on foreign battlefields stole his soul away. It is through Lewis; through a beautiful young Native woman named Lyndsey; and through a connection with a group of wild horses earmarked for slaughter that Cole begins to re-discover his true self.

Saving these beautiful animals from destruction just may prove to be Cole's ultimate salvation...


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